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Every track produced in our own studios, assuring you of the same exceptional quality in every aspect of production.

From musical composition through arrangement, mixing, and mastering. Everything is 100% geared to give you the best experience possible, making your own production workflow process totally hassle free!

Everything delivered in both 16+24 bit depth at 44.1khz and 48khz sample rates as standard.

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Why is it so important to use music in your marketing ?

Some may say it’s obvious, but that’s not necessarily the case for everyone.

Music and sound have very special properties, those “In the Know” have taken advantage of throughout the ages. Just think for a minute, how music has evolved in different cultures, and within the same culture. Think of how many different styles or genres that you know of, let alone the ones you either don’t know about, have never heard, and wouldn’t know if you did hear ?

They call music the “Universal Language”.
Ahh, there MUST be a reason, right?

As music, technology, visual, and broadcast communications have evolved to the present day, there are more opportunities and reasons than ever before to master the art of using music in every communications medium, especially for marketing.

Music is extremely effective as “the subliminal part” of any message. The part that secretly invades your subconscious, reaches out and touches you , yet can’t be touched or ignored. Sound is so deeply linked to all our human experiences, it’s certainly a subject way too deep to cover here.

Mozart Symphony No.40 m1 Bundle

Synchronized Mixes

Perfectly synchronized mixes of classical and modern arrangements of Mozart, Beethoven, and the classic Gymnopedie #1 by Eric Satie.

Easily cross fade between orchestral and modern mixes of Mozart’s Symphony #40, or Beethoven from solo piano to modern band plus orchestra for awesomely inspiring effects.

These synchronized arrangements are pure gold, allowing you to seamlessly change the “atmosphere”, and move the viewer’s (listener’s) feelings, mood, or perspective into another space, or to another place in space or time. Don’t under estimate the power that lurks behind this simple, but powerful concept.

Synchronized Mixes

With three synchronized mixes of the classic Gymnopedie #1 by Eric Satie, you can fade between solo piano, piano and flute, or the beautifully full sounding “Piano, Flute, & Strings” arrangements.

Ease back from a full sound into the more delicate, or move your viewer (listener) from the more delicate solo instrument through an illuminating crescendo of sound.

This effect can be absolutely astounding.

Whether for advertising or feature film, when teamed with the right visuals, story, or message, this technique can provide huge impact while also “flying under the radar”.

Gymnopedie Bundle

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Music is one of those weird subliminal things. It has a magical power that goes beyond what you hear and see, when done right it creates that “Emotion in the Moment” that’s experienced totally in the mind.

As marketers we know the buying decision is one rooted in emotion.

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