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Enemy Lines

Enemy Lines

$37.00 (Excl. Tax)

Cliff Rose
Enemy Lines
Cliff Rose Enemy Lines

“Big Epic Orchestral Sound” tense, strong and bold. Grab your attention, feel the tension!

Nothing more, take a listen. The music speaks for itself!

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Enemy Lines

Cliff Rose
Enemy Lines
Cliff Rose Enemy Lines

“Big Epic Sound”, tense, strong, bold, and solid as they come over the enemy lines.

Orchestral brass, strings, and percussion. 40 seconds of attention grabbing tension to pull and stretch your senses!.

Duration: 00:40

Media formats provided:
CD Quality 44.1k / 16bit and 24bit files.
DVD Quality 48k / 16bit and 24bit files.
mp3 format 44.1k / 16bit at 320, 256, and 192 kbps

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