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Gymnopedie No.1 Piano & Flute

Gymnopedie No.1 Piano & Flute

$37.00 (Excl. Tax)

Cliff Rose
Gymnopedie No.1 Piano & Flute
Cliff Rose Gymnopedie No.1 Piano & Flute

Piano & Flute version. Beautiful, delicate, serene, tranquil, just a few words to describe this gem. Perfect accompaniment for therapeutic, travel, and every day products.

Also see the Solo Piano and Piano,Flute, and Strings versions which are perfectly synchronized, allowing seamless cross fading between these tracks for awesome effect.
Available in a bundle for a fraction more than the price of one track.

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Gymnopedie No.1 Piano and Flute

Cliff Rose
Gymnopedie No.1 Piano & Flute
Cliff Rose Gymnopedie No.1 Piano & Flute

Heart felt, delicate, elegant, relaxing, tranquil, and melancholic, are just a few of the words that have been used to describe this beautiful piece written by french composer Erik Satie in 1888.

Originally composed for piano, this is the “Piano and Flute” version. See below regarding both Solo Piano plus our Piano Flute and Strings versions which are available for a special price as a bundle.

The simplicity of this piece is just one part of it’s magic, giving what I might describe as “a strength in softness and soothing that is not easily matched”.

How can I use this in my marketing you ask ?
There’s no end to what can be done really effectively with the right piece of classic music, and this is just one of those gems (we have others too) which has a certain power that’s not easy to match … if you know how, why, and what to do with it.
From a marketing perspective this is the “Perfect Musical Accompaniment” for so many things, I’ll just suggest a few for you 🙂
Simply think of anything where those opening words from above might apply, listen to the music, and you’ll soon be able to add some more of your own to that description.

Example uses could include;
– Every day products like fabric softener, pillows, beds, tissues, toilet paper etc.
– Travel; Think peaceful, serene, tranquil, quiet getaway.
– Therapeutic products and services. Think massage, aromatherapy, yoga, pain relief etc.

And really, that’s barely scratching the surface. They’re just a few quick suggestions off the top of my head to help get you started.
Whatever your market, give it some thought, give it a listen, and let your imagination do some work.

If you’re wondering why you might want two or three different versions which are synchronized, here’s a tip for you.

You can add a giant measure of power by simply “cross fading” from either a sparse musical arrangement, into a “Bigger or Different Sounding” synchronized arrangement, creating a climactic effect.

Of course, you can go the opposite direction too, giving an anticlimactic, quietening, or calming effect. Whatever your marketing message needs to support the mood, feeling, or emotion you are going for.

Don’t under estimate the power of such simple strategies. There’s a “hidden power” there, that not too many people seem to fully understand or take advantage of 🙂

If you find yourself in that “Stuck” place – like we all do sometimes, don’t be afraid to reach out to us.
Marketing is what we’re about, and music is only where it begins here.

Also available as Solo Piano or Piano, Flute, and Strings which are perfectly synchronized, allowing seamless cross fading between these tracks for awesome effect.

Purchase just the one you want, or for a fraction more you can get all three as a special bundle.

Duration: 02:45

Media formats provided:
CD Quality 44.1k / 16bit and 24bit files.
DVD Quality 48k / 16bit and 24bit
mp3 format 44.1k / 16bit at 320, 256, and 192 kbps

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